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Fair and Impartial Policing, LLC is a certified small, woman-owned business that has been providing implicit-bias-awareness training since 2011. We are a leading provider of implicit bias training in the local, state and federal government sectors and we are the #1 provider to law enforcement agencies in North America.  


“Many of you have seen news reports of community members calling the police because men of color are wearing protective face coverings in stores or on the streets. These calls and the police responses to them are producing claims of “racial profiling.” Some men of color report they are now reticent to wear PPE in public despite the fact that people of color are disproportionately infected by Covid-19.

Our profession has led many others in recognizing how implicit associations can impact community members and our own officers. The 8-minute training video found above these calls for service in the context of the science of bias, and provides guidance on the police response.

Developed as a service by Fair and Impartial Policing, LLC and narrated by retired Chief Noble Wray, this video is designed, not just for police departments that have implemented implicit-bias-awareness training (reinforcing that training), but also for those that have yet to provide such training to their personnel.

Fact v. Fiction on Implicit Biases

Decades of scientific evidence support the existence of implicit biases, their role in how our brains process information, and how they can impact our thoughts and behavior. However, questions and confusion remain. In a six-part series, Dr. Lorie Fridell, CEO of Fair & Impartial Policing, tackles some of the common misperceptions about implicit biases and implicit-bias training.

Watch Part 5: Fiction – There is No Evidence Implicit-Bias Training is Effective here:


FIP offers science-based implicit-bias training courses for city, county, state and federal government agencies.


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