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The Difference Between Explicit Bias and Implicit Bias

How does explicit bias differ from implicit bias? Dr. Lorie Fridell, CEO of Fair & Impartial Policing, discusses the difference between explicit bias and implicit bias in this video. To […]

What do police, firefighters, accountants and code enforcement officers have in common?

Each of us has implicit biases. Yes, even those of us who consciously reject prejudice and stereotypes. Science shows that our brains form biases to process a deluge of information […]

Implicit Bias Training That Works? It’s Real.

High-quality, successful implicit bias training exists and here is what leaders should look for: A non-accusatory, non-judgmental way to show your personnel that all humans have implicit biases.  Realistic skills […]

Promoting Bias-Free Service in Our Government Agencies: Training for Government Employees

Those who work in city, county or state government agencies bring their talents to bear for an honorable and worthwhile cause – improving their communities to better the lives of […]

Implicit-Bias-Awareness Training for Law Enforcement: Current State of the Field

Dr. Lorie Fridell, CEO of Fair & Impartial Policing and professor of Criminology at the University of South Florida, participated in the 2022 NACOLE Webinar Series on January 19, 2022. […]

Dr. Fridell on the NJ Mall Fight: Why Implicit-Bias-Training is So Important for Law Enforcement

Some of you may have seen the viral video of the two police officers responding to the two kids‒one White, one Black‒fighting in a NJ mall.  If you haven’t, find […]

Racial Bias Training v. Implicit Bias Training: How implicit bias training produces safe, effective and just officers

Traditional “racial bias training” (sometimes called “racial profiling training”) often produced strong negative reactions from trainees.  This is because, despite good intentions, traditional racial bias training often left trainees feeling […]

Fair and Impartial Policing: Not Just for Police

During our nearly 15-year history of providing implicit bias police training, we have frequently had requests to expand beyond our law enforcement clientele to other city agencies that would benefit […]

Dr. Fridell’s thoughts on fair and impartial policing in today’s environment

Dr. Fridell, CEO of Fair & Impartial Policing and professor of Criminology at the University of South Florida, provides her thoughts on fair and impartial policing in today’s environment. In the past […]

Policing, Criminal Justice & Mental Health

Much has changed in the past year as communities across the country continue to face challenges at the intersection of policing, criminal justice, and mental health. Implicit bias in policing […]