Established in 2008, FIP offers implicit-bias-awareness training for professional audiences. Courses reflect the participants’ unique work environment and responsibilities to include separate courses for front-line workers, supervisors/managers and executive leadership. Curriculum is grounded in our Core Training Content, which encompasses:

  • The science of bias  
  • How implicit biases can impact a person in their professional capacity
  • The consequences of biased decision-making 
  • Skills to reduce and manage biases

Individual courses cover real-life issues surrounding bias in the workplace with customized examples, scenarios, research and exercises that speak to the day-to-day responsibilities of the audience. Check out the different types of fair and impartial trainings we offer!


Dr. Lorie Fridell founded and continues to lead FIP as CEO. She is a national expert on bias and how it might manifest in law enforcement, security, and other realms. Dr. Fridell, together with other academic leaders in social psychology, law enforcement professionals, and community stakeholders developed the first FIP training curriculum in 2008. FIP’s training program is updated regularly and through careful customization has expanded to meet the training needs of any city/county, state, and federal government agency.

FIP’s Chief Operating Officer, Mary Hoerig, joined FIP in 2012 and is the primary liaison for current and prospective clients. A former Inspector with the Milwaukee Police Department, Ms. Hoerig’s professional experience coupled with her MBA drove the successful expansion of FIP’s business model beyond law enforcement to other government agencies. 

Expert Trainers

FIP’s highly successful training program has been praised by participants for presenting difficult and sometimes highly sensitive content in a non-threatening manner, allowing the focus to remain on the benefits of training.  This is due in no small part to FIP’s cadre of expert trainers who convey scientific research in an accessible way while weaving real-life experiences into the training content. They lead highly interactive classes using proven adult learning principles that are directly applicable to the daily work of trainees.

Exceptional Training Logistics and Support Personnel

FIP’s logistics staff work closely with clients to ensure a smooth and seamless training experience from start to finish. Logistics staff members handle all aspects of invoicing, regularly communicate with clients, establish training dates and locations, ensure delivery of training materials, assess AV requirements, and manage day-of-training logistics. FIP’s support staff handle additional business operations, vendor registration, state business registration, and WBE certifications (where required). Our staff have deep experience and have managed training contracts ranging from $4,000 to $5 million, including the multi-year, in-person training FIP provided to all 36,000 sworn members of the New York City Police Department.