In his recently released book, Bill Bratton (2021) shares, “There comes a moment at any given police department when it becomes clear that implicit bias training is necessary” (379 – 380). He shares that the NYPD contracted with Fair and Impartial Policing (FIP) to train all 36,000 sworn personnel—explaining that “no one among us is without bias” (379).

He correctly notes that most of the early trainings were required by the USDOJ as part of consent decrees, but “now most training is proactively arranged by innovative police leaders who want to do something before it becomes a problem” (380).

FIP is proud that virtually the entirety of chapter 11 of his book (entitled “Implicit Bias”) is devoted to describing the FIP training and trainers, and the audience response. “Seventeen years on the job and this is probably the best thing I have had.” Or “I was forced to go to this training. I did not want to go. I thought this would be awful… This is actually pretty good” (398).