Decades of scientific evidence support the existence of implicit biases, their role in how our brains process information, and how they can impact our thoughts and behavior.  However, questions and confusion remain.  In this six-part series, Dr. Lorie Fridell, CEO of Fair & Impartial Policing, tackles some of the common misperceptions about implicit biases and implicit-bias training, translating some of the complex science into plain language. She identifies the facts and fictions surrounding implicit biases and the importance of implicit-bias-awareness training.

Fact: Implicit-Bias Training is not the Silver Bullet.  Implicit-bias training is not the answer to all the problems with bias in our society, including in policing.  However, well-constructed, data-driven implicit-bias training is a necessary and vital component in our efforts to recognize, reduce and manage our biases. Implicit-bias-awareness training helps inform and guide well-intentioned individuals.

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