Fair & Impartial Policing

Police – Command (or Command and Community)

Training Programs

Police – Command (or Command and Community)

(1.5 days, 30 attendees)

Agencies are recognizing that even the best officers might manifest bias and therefore even the best agencies must be proactive to achieve fair & impartial policing. This training presents what is known about human biases and provides guidance for promoting fair & impartial policing in the areas of policy, police leadership, training, supervision/accountability, leadership, recruitment/hiring, outreach to diverse communities, and measurement.  Command and Community version includes community stakeholders.

Topics Covered

  • Rethinking racially biased policing
  • The social science of human bias and its implications for policing
  • The benefits and elements of a comprehensive program to facilitate fair & impartial policing
  • Meaningful policy
  • Supervision and accountability
  • Recruitment/hiring
  • Education/training
  • Assessing institutional policies and practices
  • Measurement
  • Responding to disparity charges
  • Data Collection: The issues, the facts
  • Outreach to diverse communities
  • How to implement a comprehensive program.