Fair & Impartial Policing

Police – Mid-managers

Training Programs

Police – Mid-managers

This curriculum is targeted toward individuals who are above the rank of first-line supervisor (e.g., sergeant) and below what might be considered “command staff” in an agency (e.g., Captains). The training combines elements from the command-level and first-line supervisor training for law enforcement curricula;

  • Introduces the trainees to the science of bias, including the science underlying mechanisms for reducing/managing biases;
  • Helps mid-managers identify and intervene with subordinates who may be acting in a biased manner;
  • Challenges mid-level managers to think about how bias might manifest in their own behavior;
  • Provides guidance on how to speak about bias to individuals (e.g., sergeants, officers, individual community members) and groups/media; and
  • Introduces the attendees to the elements of a comprehensive agency program to produce fair & impartial policing.

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