Fair & Impartial Policing

Police – Mid-managers

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Police – Mid-managers

(8 hours, 30 attendees)

Identifying the appropriate mid-manager response to biased policing can be challenging. Not only is biased behavior very difficult to prove through the traditional complaint review system but, for the agency personnel whose biased behavior is not intentional or malicious, “disciplinary” action would be inappropriate. Since, in many instances, there will only be “indications” and not “proof,” it will be important to convey when and how mid-managers can intervene to stop what appears to be inappropriate conduct while keeping in mind the ambiguous nature of the evidence as well as the sensitive nature of the issue.

This curriculum is targeted toward individuals who are above the rank of first-line supervisor (e.g., sergeant) and below what might be considered “command staff” in an agency (e.g., Captains). The 8-hour training combines elements from the command-level and first-line supervisor training for law enforcement curricula; it:

  • Introduces the trainees to the science of bias, including the science underlying mechanisms for reducing/managing biases;
  • Helps mid-managers identify and intervene with subordinates who may be acting in a biased manner;
  • Challenges mid-level managers to think about how bias might manifest in their own behavior;
  • Provides guidance on how to speak about bias to individuals (e.g., sergeants, officers, individual community members) and groups/media; and
  • Introduces the attendees to the elements of a comprehensive agency program to produce fair & impartial policing.


“The course provided a great deal of information on bias and was presented in a manner that made it easy to understand and apply.”

“The strength of the course content and presentation were the examples and the results of studies that supported the concepts.”

“Gave me some eye-opening information. I used to be able to say I wasn’t biased; I can no longer say that. However, this course has now given me the opportunity to have an open conversation about this topic.”

“Presented in lay terms that was understandable.”

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