Fair & Impartial Policing

Sheriffs’ Agencies – Investigator – Line-level

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Sheriffs’ Agencies – Investigator – Line-level

This training especially for investigators provides FIP’s core content, including the nature of (and scientific evidence for) implicit biases, how implicit biases can impact an investigator in his/her professional capacity, the consequences of biased decisions/behaviors, and skills to reduce and manage implicit biases.

The research studies, examples, scenarios and media content emphasize the day-to-day work of investigators. Participants will:

  • Understand that even well-intentioned people have biases,
  • Understand how implicit biases impact on what we perceive/see and can (unless prevented) impact on what we do,
  • Understand that fair, impartial, and just investigations are in the best interest of the agency and the community, and 
  • Use tools that help him/her (1) recognize both conscious and implicit biases, and (2) reduce and manage biases.


“The exercises done during the training have opened my eyes to applying what we learned to the process of my work.”

“Great course, highly recommend.”

“Every time [I’m] out in the field I will be more conscious of my implicit/unconscious biases and work to manage my bias.”

“I was very apprehensive about attending this training. The instructor was excellent and made it a very informative and pleasurable experience.”

“The entire training is very useful since we work with a diverse group of co-workers and the training can also be used in our personal life.”

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