Fair & Impartial Policing

Sheriffs’ Agencies – Mid-Manager

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Sheriffs’ Agencies – Mid-Manager

(8 hours, 30 attendees)

The FIP Mid-Manger training is for individuals within a sheriff’s agency or correctional facility who are above the rank of first-line supervisor and below what would be considered command staff (e.g., Lieutenants and Captains). This training combines elements from the first-line supervisor training and the command-level training, this training will help mid-mangers to:

  • Identify and intervene with subordinates who may be acting in a biased manner,
  • Challenge how they think about how bias might manifest in their own behavior,
  • Understand how to speak about bias to individuals (e.g., sergeants, officers, community members) and groups (e.g., media, community groups), and
  • Understand the elements of a comprehensive agency strategy to produce fair and impartial policing. 

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“The material was presented in a way that caused me to have an open mind, it’s good to look at things from another perspective.”

“Extensive studies [were] broken down to a level where they were easier to understand.”

“The exercises done during the training have opened my eyes to applying what we learned to the process of my work.”

“I will be more thoughtful of some biases I didn’t consider before. Some examples were mind opening.”

“This was the best bias training I’ve attended. The real-life examples, instead of repetition of dry formulas, made it relatable and interesting.”

“All aspects of the training had some relevance to our work or personal life.”

“Extremely well thought through to be thought-provoking without making people defensive.”

“I found the whole thing to be useful and relevant. It was extremely informative and well-done.”

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