During our nearly 15-year history of providing implicit bias police training, we have frequently had requests to expand beyond our law enforcement clientele to other city agencies that would benefit from implicit-bias training. FIP is pleased to announce that we now offer a diverse range of implicit bias-awareness training courses that are customized for a variety of city agencies, including Fire and EMS, Sheriffs, Corrections, Probation, Prosecutors, City Government Personnel, Private Security, Community Members, and others. Still grounded in the modern science of bias, each course is carefully tailored to address the daily work of these various groups through the use of examples, scenarios, and scientific studies that relate directly to them.   

FIP would like to sincerely thank our legacy clients for putting your trust in Fair and Impartial Policing, LLC to deliver high-quality and effective implicit-bias-awareness training to your personnel. Your support has helped us to pursue our mission to educate individuals about implicit bias in order to ensure that police and all city/county agencies provide bias-free services to communities. To see all implicit-bias-awareness training courses available, visit www.fipolicing.com