Those who work in city, county or state government agencies bring their talents to bear for an honorable and worthwhile cause – improving their communities to better the lives of their residents. This commitment, however, can be undermined when those government workers inadvertently allow their implicit biases to affect their service provision. Despite good intentions, implicit biases can lead our government employees to provide dissimilar services to community members.   

Fair and Impartial Policing’s success in training law enforcement agencies has led other city, county and state government agencies to request training for their own personnel. In cooperation with a varied group of governmental agencies, FIP developed an implicit-bias-awareness training program for government employees. The curriculum is based on the current scientific research on bias and has been tailored to address the needs of the various government agencies that serve our communities. FIP works closely with its clients to ensure that the examples, exercises and applications reflect the specific roles and responsibilities of the target audience, to ensure their engagement with the content and their ability to apply the concepts to their day-to-day decision-making.   

If your agency seeks a highly effective and well established implicit-bias-awareness training, please reach out to FIP’s COO at . For more information on our bias training for government employees, visit