Fair & Impartial Policing

Sheriffs’ Agencies – Command (or Command/Community)

Training Programs

Sheriffs’ Agencies – Command (or Command/Community)

(1.5 days, 30 attendees)

This training is for the agency executive and his/her command-level staff. Alternatively, this training may be held with both command-level personnel and community leaders. (See more information here.) This curriculum focuses on the science of bias, its implications for policing, and the elements for producing a comprehensive agency strategy. Agency (and community) leaders exit this training with an action plan for strengthening the agency’s efforts to promote fair and impartial policing through:

  • Assessments of and reform in anti-biased-policing policy,
  • Recruitment and hiring,
  • Training
  • Supervision and accountability,
  • Operations, 
  • Leadership, 
  • Measurement, and 
  • Outreach to diverse communities. 

We encourage agencies to begin their FIP training with this course for command-level personnel (or a group of command-level personnel and committed community leaders). This course sets the tone for the remainder of the agency by representing the agency’s commitment to fair and impartial policing. Also, because attendees of this course produce an action plan for the agency, it provides the opportunity for agency-wide communication about fair and impartial policing as others become trained in the program.