Fair & Impartial Policing

Sheriffs’ Agencies – LE Civilian

Training Programs

Sheriffs’ Agencies – LE Civilian

(4 hours, 30 attendees)

This training is for non-sworn civilian and professional personnel working within a law enforcement agency. The training curricula is applicable for both line-level and supervisory personnel with customized content for the work of crime analysts, dispatchers, administrative support staff, victim advocates, front desk aides, and any other civilian role. For maximum efficacy, instructors are encouraged to group individuals within the class according to their area of professional expertise during group work.  

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand that even well-intentioned people have biases,
  • Understand how implicit biases impact on what we perceive/see and can (unless prevented) impact on what we do, and
  • Use tools that help him/her (1) recognize both conscious and implicit biases, and (2) reduce and manage biases. 

For supervisory groups, participants will also be able to:

  • Identify and respond to subordinates who may be acting in a biased manner, including well-meaning employees whose biased behavior may not be consciously produced, and
  • Challenge how they think about how bias might manifest in their own behavior.