Fair & Impartial Policing

Sheriffs’ Agencies – Community

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Sheriffs’ Agencies – Community

(4 hours, 40 attendees)

This training is designed for communities whose law enforcement agency is either currently training or has previously trained their personnel in Fair and Impartial Policing. Designed for evening delivery and led by a FIP Master or Executive-level instructor, community members are invited to attend this session to learn about:

  • The science of implicit bias and how implicit biases might impact on law enforcement personnel and community members,
  • How they can recognize, reduce, and manage their own biases, and 
  • What their local agency is doing to promote fair and impartial policing. 

More information on FIP’s Community Session may be found here

“The content was applicable and it was helpful to see how law enforcement is being trained on this topic.”

“It was great to have a setting for community members and police to be present and have open conversation for this training.”

“This training is of vital importance. The most balanced and informative tactic in breaking down the taboo of the subject concerning implicit bias.”

“The content definitely stirred up great discussions! Lots of A-Ha moments around the room.”

“This presentation was extremely eye opening.”

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