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Fire/EMS – First-Line Supervisors

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Fire/EMS – First-Line Supervisors

(4 hours, 30 attendees)

FIP’s First-Line Supervisor training for Fire and EMS agencies incorporates the core content provided to line personnel and helps supervisors identify and respond to their subordinates’ (and others’) potentially biased behavior. This can be challenging because biased behavior is often very difficult to prove especially when a behavior arises from an implicit bias – operating outside of one’s conscious awareness. At the conclusion of this training first-line supervisors will be able to:

  • Understand the science of bias and how it might manifest in fire and EMS services, 
  • Implement skills to reduce and manage biases,
  • Identify and intervene with subordinates who may be acting in a biased manner, including well-meaning Fire and EMS professionals whose biased behavior may not be consciously produced, and
  • Understand and practice organizational justice whereby leaders within an organization demonstrate the values of respect, dignity, and fairness.

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“We are going to integrate this info into our clinical performance systems as well as other areas of our organization.”

“I will have conversations with my crew to continue to build our self-awareness, cohesion and aid in service of care.”

“This training will help me not only as a care provider but as a leader.”

“Made me more aware of unseen bias [and how it] plays into decisions.”

“It will make me more aware of biased behaviors and establish a more inclusive work environment.”

“This type of training helps me reevaluate my thought process with my interactions with the community.”

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