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Police – Investigator Supervisor

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Police – Investigator Supervisor

In addition to the content provided in the investigator’s course for line-level personnel, this course incorporates content specifically for those in a supervisory role. This course similarly focuses on the daily responsibilities of investigators to include relevant examples, scenarios, and other course content.

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Address how to identify subordinates who may be acting in a biased manner, including well-meaning investigators whose biased behavior may not be consciously produced, 
  • Provide guidance on how to respond to investigators who exhibit biased behaviors, and  
  • Think about how bias might manifest in their own behavior. 


“The exercises done during the training have opened my eyes to applying what we learned to the process of my work.”

“Great course, highly recommend.”

“Every time [I’m] out in the field I will be more conscious of my implicit/unconscious biases and work to manage my bias.”

“I was very apprehensive about attending this training. The instructor was excellent and made it a very informative and pleasurable experience.”

“The entire training is very useful since we work with a diverse group of co-workers and the training can also be used in our personal life.”

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